On the trail of attraction and tradition.

Experience nature

Experience the beauty of green Prekmurje on bike!

Taste local cuisine

Pamper your taste buds with traditional cuisine, based on our grandmother’s recipes.


Experiences and destinations

The Vinarium Tower Lendava rises 50 meters tall and offers a beautiful 360° view of the colorful scenery of Slovenia and neighboring countries.

Vulcania Adventure Park is an experience of volcanoes and the discovery of geological history and the depths of hidden treasures in the area of present-day Goričko.

The Murska Sobota Gallery is the main art gallery in Pomurje, representing the artistic heritage of the 20th century.

Expano Pavilion, a truly remarkable architectural creation, presents the Pomurje region in a creative and innovative way.


On the trail of attraction and tradition

Be it by car, motorcycle, on foot, by bicycle, balloon, sports plane or on horseback, Pomurje offers countless opportunities to leave your worries behind, forget about commitments and go "far" away from stress, city bustle, traffic and polluted air - in a world where unspoiled nature, (attr)action and centuries-old traditions join hands.

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From a hotel to a farm

Become a part of the bourgeois tradition or experience life in the colorful Pomurje countryside in its entirety in the Pomurje cottage, farm or eco farm!

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Experience Pomurje!

Experience an open, warm and distinctive, simple Pannonian soul. In the dialectically, culturally and linguistically most diverse landscape in Slovenia, what will “get under your skin” the most are numerous events events, festivals, living and breathing cultural heritage and authentic traditional culinary specialties.

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The Region of Pomurje

An adventure behind every corner

From the green expanses of the lowland, river and brook wetlands of the Ravenska world, to the vineyards and wooded Radgona hills, Goričko and Prlekija, Pomurje is always the ideal destination for anyone who is inspired by sports and adventure trips, and a break for those seeking to be in touch with authentic outdoors. Discover the traditional handicrafts, rich traditions and culture of the most diverse landscapes in Slovenia. Pomurje - along the paths of (attr)action and tradition.


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