The parish church of St. Martin in Martjanci, a mighty Gothic church, hides insider it a magnificent fresco and the oldest self-portrait in European art.

The Church of the Assumption of Mary is located in the town of Turnisce; since 2007, this sanctuary of Mary under the grove, has been proclaimed as a divine center of the Diocese of Murska Sobota.

Plečnik’s church in Bogojina is one of the most interesting architectural buildings of the 20th century and the most famous shrine of Pomurje.Church of the Ascension of Christ – Plečnik’s

A unique brick pilgrimage rotunda with 14th Century murals that offer an interesting look into the history of artistic creation.

The Evangelical Church in Murska Sobota stands in the city center in the park axis of Martin Luther’s avenue.

Parish Church of St. Nicholas in Murska Sobota, has a richly decorated interior and a 60m high bell tower, and was first mentioned in the year 1297.

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