Gornja Radgona Castle

Just off the Austrian border, on the right bank of the Mura River, climb the slopes of the castle hill to Gornja Radgona Castle, which will enchant you with its mighty image and interior rooms. You will enter the great manor from 1775, above the town of Gornja Radgona, through a mighty entrance, where the former drawbridge chain openings are still visible. The main gate, where the knights were waiting for visitors to the castle, is a massive metal sheet panel, and is also decorated with a large, baroque ornamented lock, while the courtyard itself will enchant you with its dominant two-storey central castle building, held by arcades. Check out the legend about an inner castle ditch, and take a peek at the place where the castle fountain used to reach 56 m deep. The tales of knights are still told today by a winding road that winds like a snake to the castle, as two baroque busts still stand beside it, preserved from what was once a longer “knight’s alley”.

Chateau Agata
Grad Gornja Radgona
Grajska cesta 28
SI – 9250 Gornja Radgona

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