Miklošič Square in Ljutomer

There is something happening every day in Ljutomer, the capital of Prlekija. How can it not, since its city center is made up of three markets, and on and near them the rich architectural and cultural heritage invites you to rest, discover and socialize. The Miklošič Square, surrounded by colorful one-storey houses, houses the Rogljiček Pastry Shop, for those with a sweet tooth, and the Ljutomer Cellar will invite you for a glass of good local wine. In front of the chapel of St. Florijan, you can see the bust of the famous linguist dr. Frans Miklošič, former dean and rector of the University of Vienna, or visit the parish church opposite the particularly famous building where the first supermarket in Slovenia opened in 1958. If you are going to visit Ljutomer and its town center at just the right time, join the locals at events such as the Prleški Sejem Fair, the St. Martin’s Day or the Grossmann Film and Wine Festival.

Občina Ljutomer
Vrazova ulica 1
9240 Ljutomer
+386 2 584 90 44
+386 2 581 16 10

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