Pottery Village Filovci

The village of Filovci is the only village in Slovenia that combines traditional crafts (pottery), indigenous architecture (Pannonian house) and cultural heritage (exhibition of pottery and black pottery) in such a varied and authentic form as you can find, get to know and experience right here in Pottery Village Filovci – an open-air museum occupying 1000m2 of land.

Sit by the pottery spindle and indulge in the challenges and charms of creating fresh clay. This history of pottery in Filovci is especially characterized by black pottery, which is the result of a kind of burning, which you can also try yourself in a special oven for baking pots. In the open-air museum, you can get acquainted with the village pottery heritage and the cultural heritage of pottery, as well as see an authentic example of the indigenous architecture of the Pannonian house – a wooden roof construction, or the so-called Pannonian rooftop, characterized by clay plaster and a thatched roof. At creative events and events in Lončarska vas, the locals will treat you to traditional Prekmurje dishes, which you can prepare with your experienced chefs yourself. Indulge in creativity and social relaxation!

Filovci 20
SI – 9222 Bogojina
+386 (0) 2 5479 130


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