The Church of the Assumption of Mary, Turnišče

Turnišče is one of the oldest parishes and divine paths in Pomurje. The Turnišče parish, dating from the 11th century, originally comprised the territory of the present parishes of Turnisce, Beltinci, Črenšovci, Dokležovje, Odranci and Velika Polana, that is, the territory between the Ledava and Mura rivers.

The pilgrim and parish church in Turnisce is first mentioned in the charter of the Hungarian King Bela IV. in 1267 as the Church of the Blessed Virgin in Črnec. It can be understood that the original Church of Mary stood in the middle of the now extinct settlement of Črnec. The diocese of Zagreb was founded in 1094 and thus Turnisce (Črnec) belonged to this newly established diocese as a parish. The oldest part of the Church of Mary, which served as the presbytery of the enlarged church from the end of the 14th century, was built in the Romanesque style in the mid-13th century. It is adorned with priceless frescoes by Johannes Aquila of Radkersburg.

Since 2007, the sanctuary of Mary under a grove has been proclaimed the central epiphany center of the Diocese of Murska Sobota.
The church is a beautiful medieval art monument where one can discover the magical power of the past. Of all the sacral monuments in Pomurje, this church in Turnišče, in the words of dr. Janez Balažic: “With its thousand faces and yet uncovered secrets, captures the traveler’s attention, enchants them with a magic spell and wins them over with its charm. Like so many curious people before me, I would like to wholeheartedly paint my impressions, make sense of all of my guesses, for which I’ve searched for the appropriate light for my restless eye.”

Župnija Turnišče
Ul. Štefana Kovača 14
SI – 9224 Turnišče
+386 (0) 2 573 51 23


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