Moravske Toplice

A Glimpse into the History and Nature of Moravske Toplice

Discover the beauty of nature and the history of Moravske Toplice, also with the help of modern technology.

Discover the beauty of the Goričko Nature Park. Let the path lead you from the thermal waters of Moravske Toplice through the meadows and forests to the hill peaks of the Goričko region. Learn about the bees and honey as well as hear some honey stories. Enjoy a visit to a homestead that grows herbs. You can mix your own herbal salt there and learn interesting facts about the history of the Pomurje region at Rotunda Selo.

At Rotunda Selo, you can sip a potion that will take you back in time, while the modern technology, which complements the guided tour of the chapel, will bring the frescoes from the past back to life.

On your way, you can enjoy local dishes such as dödoli (potato mash), prekmurska gibanica (layer cake with cottage cheese, poppy seeds, and apples), and bograč (a hearty stew made with three kinds of meat, potatoes, and vegetables).

  • Guided tour duration: 5 hours
  • Price: from EUR 49 per person
  • Minimum number of persons: 10
  • Maximum number of persons: 40

You can also discover the history and nature by taking a five-hour cycle tour. The price of the guided tour, which includes the organization of the program and lunch or dinner (a three-course menu with local specialities) is EUR 49 per person.

Please book the tour in advance at the Tourist Information Centre Moravske Toplice or at the Tourist Information Centre Murska Sobota.


Minimum number of persons: 10
Maximum number of persons: 40

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