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LUŠT Adventures 2023

We invite you to adventures in the family of LUŠT tomatoes ripening under the warm Prekmurje sun. Colourful, fresh, juicy, and sweet LUŠT tomatoes, delicacies from local producers and relaxing in a café overlooking the greenhouse. All this awaits you at the LUŠT homestead and you can organize your adventure according to your wishes.

»Come in!«

At the LUŠT homestead you can listen to the story of tomato cultivation. Learn the secrets of growing this delicious fruit. In 2023 you will receive an additional 20% discount on all presentation packages! They recommend that you reserve the desired date before your visit. Upon prior agreement, the story of the cultivation method is also presented in English. For more information you can click here.

»Just take it, we can still add more«

After the presentation, enjoy tasting all the LUŠT tomatoes. Indulge your taste buds, which will select your favourite tomato and decide which you like best. For a full experience, you can also taste freshly squeezed tomato juice, made from LUŠT tomatoes.

»Take a look so you can see better«

Virtually enter the world of LUŠT tomatoes. Conjure up a LUŠT 360° for free. You will learn everything you need to know about growing delicious tomatoes. We are sure that you will recognize the care, effort and a lot of love that is needed so that you can enjoy delicious tomatoes.

»There is something for everyone, you just take your time!«

Take a stroll through the store where you will find fresh LUŠT tomatoes as well as products from local producers. For the perfect end to your adventure, relax in the cafe where you can enjoy a cake, pizza, perfect coffee or a refreshing drink from the offer. The real specialty is the LUŠT GinTale, which combines the flavours of gin and tomato. The drink is particularly pleasant on hot summer days.

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