Vinarium Festival, Lendava

Join the winemakers in Lendava for the winegrowers’ holiday, the so-called Vinarium Festival, which draws crowds of people with a full day program and rich culinary offers into the streets of the old town.

Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival, Ljutomer

Spice up your hot summer days by watching movies with a glass of good wine, by attending the Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival, primarily dedicated to horror and fiction films.

Family Tourist Festival Mačje Mesto, Radenci

Embark on “cat adventures” at the 3-day Mačje Mesto Festival in Radenci, where you will be entertained with a rich program of feline creative workshops, cultural content, sports and recreational activities, traditional customs and much more.

Soboški Dnevi Festival

The Soboški Dnevi Festival is a traditional festival in Murska Sobota, attracting people to many events and various forms of art.

Summer in Moravske Toplice

Experience summer a little differently, experience ‘Summer in Moravske Toplice’, where they offer a varied program at the traditional Summer Tourist Market and Ethno evenings.

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