With occasional rapids, the Mura river, the soul of Pomurje, leads to the core of the Pannonian world past ships, floating mills, islets, mighty forests, gravel pits and still parts of the river.

Equestrian Research Training Center offers a wealth of content for an active vacation.

Lake Bukovniško Jezero is surrounded by untouched forest, filled with healing water and energy in the form of springs and energy points.

Lake Ledava is considered to be the richest in the diversity of flora and fauna.

The ridge of Radgona-Kapela Hills, Kapela Vrh Peak is characterized by lovely wine cellars with great wine and a unique view of the green vineyard terraces.

For hiking trips around Pomurje, you can choose from about 117 km of marked recreational, thematic and Nordic trails of various lengths and topics.

On Sundays, the Hippodrome in Ljutomer invites you to a trot race, and offers an insight into the history of the trotters in the Ljutomer Trotter Museum.

Pomurje and the bicycle are an amazing couple as this way of traveling gives you a special sense of contact with nature and many different possibilities for exploring the more than 600 km of marked cycling trails.

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