Our Tourist Farm stands in the village named Stara Cesta, which lies on the hill next to the regional road Ljutomer – Ormož.

From yesterday’s knowledge and today’s inspiration, we create new experiences. In our chocolaterie you can also see how chocolate products come to life as we also offer you a demonstration of making pralines and a tasting of the chocolate products. Relax in a country coffee house with a cup of good coffee and a piece […]

This farm on the river Mura, in the heart of the Prlekija district, beneath the Jeruzalem Hills, enchants all who prize the richness and diversity of the Slovenian countryside.

Equestrian Research Training Center offers a wealth of content for an active vacation.

Situated in the embrace of nature in the midst of beautiful vineyards, the Aleksander Guesthouse offers excellent local food and lodging.

With its old tradition, the Lovenjak Restaurant takes you to the culinary delights of fish, specialties of Prekmurje and good wine, while the boutique Hotel Štrk offers all the comfort of a stay in Pomurje.

In the heart of Pomurje you will find an excellent country chocolate bar and meet the masters of chocolate art.

Quench your thirst and hunger in the dining room or on the shady terrace of the charming village inn Zeleni Gaj, with dishes from our moms and grandmothers, made with ingredients from the surrounding farms.

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