Pomurje and the bicycle are an amazing couple as this way of traveling gives you a special sense of contact with nature and many different possibilities for exploring the more than 600 km of marked cycling trails.

For hiking trips around Pomurje, you can choose from about 117 km of marked recreational, thematic and Nordic trails of various lengths and topics.

Lake Soboško jezero near the Expano Pavilion, offers a variety of water and land sports activities.

On Sundays, the Hippodrome in Ljutomer invites you to a trot race, and offers an insight into the history of the trotters in the Ljutomer Trotter Museum.

LPN Fazan Beltinci offers a special hunting experience with local guides and a combination of small game hunting.

LPN Kompas Pomurje offers a special hunting experience with a combination of hunting of all species of wild large cloven and small game.

Murska Sobota Aeroclub is the most recognizable Slovenian aeroclub with a wide range of activities and high level of services.

The traditional Maraton Treh Src (Eng.: The Tree Hearts Marathon) is a running holiday in Radenci, where the whole family can compete in speed and endurance on various long and difficult lines.

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