Babič Mill on the Mura River in Veržej

Babič Mill on the Mura River is a combined floating mill and the only facility of its kind in Slovenia still operating today.

Get to know the soul of Pomurje, the Mura River and experience the mysticism through cycling routes of the intertwined territory of the river and its course at the Babič Mill in Veržej. At one time, Mura used to run a hundred mills. Several decades ago, more than 40 floating mills were operating, but only Babič Mill remains standing. A special feature of Babič Floating Mill is an external water wheel, mounted on one of two boats, driven by a river stream. On the land is a mill that allows you to see the grinding machine and the grain grinding process itself. When you visit the Babič Mill, you will have the opportunity to meet the owner of the mill who lives there. He will tell you about the exciting events that happened to him at the mill; also about how the waterwheel floated during the flood, and he was only able to leave it by boat.
Babič Mill on the Mura River is protected as a technical cultural monument. It is a combined floating mill on the Mura River, the only such facility in Slovenia. The transmission mechanisms in the building retained all the characteristics of the water mill from the period in which they were created. Just listen to Mirko Babič, his adventures and the murmur of the mystical Mura River.

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