For hiking trips around Pomurje, you can choose from about 117 km of marked recreational, thematic and Nordic trails of various lengths and topics.

Traveling through Pomurje is a real feast for your eyes, so it is no wonder that this idyllic landscape is known as a hiker’s paradise. The narrow village roads between hills and vast fields will give you a magical view of the landscape through which the Mura River flows. In the midst of a relaxing nature, in the heart of the golden fields far from the traffic, you can take on white, paved, flat, hilly, forest and wine roads and trails. Many archaeological sites, castles and churches will be revealed, and every stop at wineries and farm inns will give you interesting and spontaneous meetings with hospitable locals. If you are looking for hiking, look no further – you can choose from about 117 km of marked recreational, thematic and Nordic trails of different lengths and themes: Via Pomurje – Pomurje Mountain Trail, The border panoramic trail, Mura Trail, Murska Sobota Nordic Walking Park, Moravske Toplice Nordic Walking Park, Fuks Graba Tourist Forest Educational Trail, Vrbova pot Trail, Pot vinotočev trail, Čemaževa pohodna pot Trail, Saint Urban Trail, Pot med vrelci življenja Trail, Jerusalem Wine Trail, Grossmann Hiking Trail, Razkriški kKt, and more can be found at http://www.hiking-biking.com/fileadmin/downloads/broschueren/position-pumps-hiking.pdf
In front of you the murmur of the forest, the chirping of the birds and the rattling of the rattles that protects the precious vines, and the unrivaled homeliness of the people here.


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