Island of Love, Ižakovci

A place of lovers that, in addition to romance, offers a wide variety of events and experiences.

For centuries, the Mura River played with nature along its riverbed and created a natural island, which the locals of Ižakovci called “the island of love.” Legend has it that this is a place for lovers, but also a place to experience special adventures, whether on a boat ride across the Mura River or at a traditional event in August, called Bürjaški Dnevi. On the Island of Love you can see the Büjraš Museum, the floating mill on the Mura River in Ižakovci, which is the only floating mill on the Mura River besides the mill in Veržej. Or you could walk along the river bank between poplars and tulips. During the summer months, the lords of the Beltinci Castle used to come to cool down in the Mura forest and dig into the “koupanca”, a dammed part of the Mura River. On this island you can also try “pajani” bread, a local speciality and a perfect treat after the descent of the Mura River. There is also a raft boat mooring on the island, making it an intermediate or final stop for those looking for a river wellness experience.

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