Kapela Vrh Peak

The ridge of Radgona-Kapela Hills, Kapela Vrh Peak is characterized by lovely wine cellars with great wine and a unique view of the green vineyard terraces.

Climb the ridge of Radgona-Kapela Hills in the municipality of Radenci, to Kapela Vrh Peak and listen to the anecdotes of the locals. Along the hiking or cycling path between the hills and forests, the top will give you a unique view of the green terraces of the vineyards and all over Pomurje, which, even in clear weather reaches Lake Balaton, while great chefs in wine cellars serve you snacks and wine – most commonly Jan┼żevec and Tramin. Comfortably positioned at the top of the ridge, listen to the legends of Attila, who, on his way home from a march to the castle, stopped at the castle below Kapea peak, overtook the former manor, and set up a treasury with a triple wall and a thermal bath and ruled until his death. From the remains of the castle, a church was then built in Kapela.

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