Lake Ledava

Lake Ledava is considered to be the richest in the diversity of flora and fauna.

Feel the rich diversity of flora and fauna by the water. Lake Ledava, also known by the locals as Krašči, extends between the villages of Pertoča and Krašči in the Goričko Nature Park. Due to lake impoundments, wetlands, aquatic and land habitats have developed here, home to many endangered and rare animal and plant species today. Fish lovers quickly settled it with many fish species, both native and foreign. Fishing is a very popular activity on this lake, and animal and flora lovers will find the right collection of specimens here: whip reed, crab, reed cricket, river cricket, conch, small heron, toads, frogs and other amphibians and “animal fishermen”, such as otters and aquaculture birds hiding between reeds, sedges and willows.


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