Lake Soboško Jezero

Lake Soboško jezero near the Expano Pavilion, offers a variety of water and land sports activities.

You can put on your fins, drop your SUP in the water, your water surfboard, maybe even a boat, fishing pole or just a swimsuit, and enjoy the sunset or even the night, and then test your motor skills on as many as 35 different motorbike facilities. At the Expano Pavilion, you can discover the Lake Sobosko Jezero, or kamenšnica, as called by the locals. Surrounded by vast fields and lit by the sun, Lake Sobosko Jezero offers authentic nature experiences for the entire family, whether in an active or peaceful way. After the sports activities, treat yourself to a true Prekmurje eatery with Prekmurje ham, homemade bread and prekmurska gibanica, which can be found in the culturally rich town of Murska Sobota or in the neighboring villages.

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