Murska Sobota Aeroclub

Murska Sobota Aeroclub is the most recognizable Slovenian aeroclub with a wide range of activities and high level of services.

Experience the beauty of Pomurje from a bird’s eye view. The Murska Sobota Aeroclub offers you a special experience in the air, taken by a motor or gliding plane above plains, forests and wine-growing hills, where you will have a unique view of the idyllic landscape along the Mura River. There are also special experiences at the airport, as this is a place for hangars of various sizes that you can see up close, a picnic area and weekend accommodations at the airport. Fans of aviation sports have the opportunity to attend flying courses with gliders, sports or motor aircraft, ULN vessels and parachute courses at the airport in Murska Sobota. If you want to see planes from afar, in different constellations in the air, while you taste the traditional delicacies of Prekmurje, take part in the annual Aeromiting or various flying competitions.


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