Radenci Marathon

The traditional Maraton Treh Src (Eng.: The Tree Hearts Marathon) is a running holiday in Radenci, where the whole family can compete in speed and endurance on various long and difficult lines.

Who is the fastest and most resilient in your family? Put yourself to the test at the traditional Maraton Treh Src (Eng. The Tree Hearts Marathon), a running holiday in Radenci. You can choose from a variety of long and difficult trails that offer the opportunity for recreation and relaxed socializing while discovering sights with or without your dog friends. Your children can go for a “squirrel” or a “heart” run, while lovers of Nordic walking can embark on a two-step diagonal walk, that marks the hike between the Radgona-Kapela Hills and represents a true delicacy of cuisine and recreation. Fast, faster or slower, choose the right track and get to it!


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