Radenci Slatina Well

The first mineral water recognized by three red hearts, comes from the Radenci Slatina well, located in the form of a pavilion in Radenci.

Three red hearts. You have certainly seen them on the labels of mineral water bottles, and their story originates from Radenci. Here, on the edge of the Pannonian Plain, along the immediate border with Austria, surrounded by wine-growing hills, are the richest springs of mineral water. The first bottle of Radenska Slatina was filled in Radenci as early as 1869, when the first natural mineral water from the depth of 17 meters “rose” to the surface through an oak pipe. Because of its beneficial effect on the body and heart, the spring was named the Healing Spring, which is still found today in the middle of the park in front of the Slatinski Dom, in the form of a pavilion surrounded by flowers. Let yourself be taken to the fairy-tale world of three hearts and get a dose of well-being with Radenska water directly from the Healing Well in the salon of the Radenci Spa and Health Resort.


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