Radenci Spa and Health Resort

A spa on lying on top of health springs, Radenci spa and health resort offers a wide range of healthy and vital heart and relaxing treatments.

Located in the midst of grain fields and vineyard hills, Radenci Spa and Health Resort, with its 130-year tradition of rich mineral water springs, welcomes its guests to the Hotel Radin. This is where health tourism and active vacation go hand in hand. At Radenci spa and health resort, you will be surrounded by beautiful parks, forests and “Heart trails” for short or long walks, and thanks to the active ingredients of the mineral baths, you can enjoy a wide variety of treatments for a healthy and vital heart at the Radenci spa and health resort. Try the famous Mineral Baths for heart health benefits, Henn’s drinking treatments to improve your well-being, strengthen the immune system and normalize blood pressure, and Fango clay body wraps to reduce stress. Experience an active vacation in the embrace of health springs at the Radenci spa and health resort!

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