Radgona Hills

The slopes of Radgona Hills are, beside its wines, known mainly for their centuries-old tradition of producing sparkling wine.

Do you like to taste different wines? Do you prefer sparkling wine? Then head for the slopes of Radgona Hills on the far northeastern part of Slovenian Hills, between the Ščavnica river, Apaško polje and the Mura river. The Wine Road will guide you between the plains and the vineyards, which hide many ponds, waterfalls, and castles. Many bicycle trails lead to wine cellars and wineries. The locals will offer you mushroom soup, cracklings, meat from “tünke” (slo.: meso iz tunke), homemade sausages, bread from the oven, ham, kvasenice and gibanice, in addition to the indigenous Ranina, Traminec and Janževec wines. A real feast in the style of Pomurje!
The wine tradition and viticulture in this place has a special, over 160 year-old tradition – namely, the production of Zlata radgonska penina sparkling wine. Yes, in Radgona-Kapela Hills, lies the House of Sparkling Wine (slo.: Dom penin), which produces sparkling wine according to the traditional or classical method by boiling in bottles – the same way real champagne is made. Bubble lovers can choose from a variety of types, particularly enjoyable is the Zlata radgonska penina sparkling wine, which has been aged for at least 24 months, while some sparkling wines are aget even longer, up to 10 years!
Visit the Radgona cellars, part of the Radgona tradition, as some of them are over 200 years old. You can watch the production of wine and sparkling wine and choose from different tasting menus and learn about the differences and peculiarities of the selected wines. You will undoubtedly be enchanted by the Klet pod slapom cellar, where the waterfall crawls out of the rock of the castle hill and creates a magical atmosphere, making wine and sparkling wine tasting a special experience.
A very special event is the open cellar Day, a traditional June event with a rich culinary and outdoor entertainment program. The highlight of the event is the traditional noon sparkling wine rising from the Mura River.

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