Rakičan Castle

Equestrian Research Training Center offers a wealth of content for an active vacation.

The Rakičan Caste, located on the edge of a beautifully preserved English park in the town of Rakičan near Murska Sobota, is a true “treasure trove” for lovers of mansions and magnificent horses. The mansion, which is first mentioned in 1431 and with many stories told by the locals, also has an equestrian club. This offers the opportunity to explore the mansion’s surroundings through numerous paths led through a magical forest between hundreds of years old black walnut trees and past the chapel and tomb from 1880 – while riding a horse, if so desired. Otherwise, the former fortress, which defended the gentlemen from the Turkish invasions, has been transformed into a rural mansion, which also houses a research educational center and offers rich content for spending an active holiday for children. The mansion also offers accommodation, while the restaurant will pamper you with traditional Prekmurje cuisine, while evenings are reserved for various events.


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