The Wine-growing Area of Jeruzalem

The Jeruzalem Wine Region is a picturesque wine-growing terrace area, interspersed with wine trails and numerous historical and cultural sites.

Are you looking for the right destination for an active holiday, full of culinary delights, good wine and cultural sights? Head to the Jeruzalem Hills and step onto the picturesque wine-growing terraces – if visiting at the right time, the vines will be loaded with sweet, ripe grapes. Go to the wine-growing hills and the vast forests, wound with many cycling routes wind and discover the charms of the vineyards of Prlekija, then descend into the wine cellars and taverns and taste the excellent wine of local winemakers and the delicacies of local chefs. Indulge in the hospitality of the people of Prlekija and see why Jeruzalem is considered as heavenly!

Legend has it that more than seven hundred years ago, the Crusaders stopped at our most beautiful hill to rest, while on their journey to the Holy Land. As they rose to the top of the hills, they were greeted by the natives and were offered wine of divine quality. They exclaimed: “This place is holy! Heavenly! Like Jerusalem!” And thus our Jeruzalem came into being.

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