In Goričko, about 8 km from Moravske Toplice, at the intersection Selo-Andrejci, there it is – the Zeleni Gaj Inn.

It all began four decades ago and after some stormy times a new, fresh and strong wind caught the inn with its culinary sails. The dining room and the shady terrace are perfect to quench the guest's thirst and satisfy their hunger as they enjoy the dishes of our mothers and grandmothers, made from the ingredients of the nearby farms. Travellers, coming to us on foot or by bike, motorbike or car, can pamper their taste buds with distinctive Prekmurian dishes.  If hunger strikes, there are the homemade smoked cold cuts with homemade boiled sausage, distinctive »dödöli« and buckwheat »zlevanka«. Those gourmets among you can indulge in “Goričko chicken”, roast pork, ribs, and delicious wine and garlic dishes. What is special about our offer is baked blood. However, we did not forget about our vintage wine from the nearby vineyards as well as our homemade juices. Our offer also includes teas and syrups from the organic farm “Korenika”. In the end, you can quench your thirst with the schnapps from the neighbouring Selo. 

Contact information

Fokovci 88
9208 Fokovci

+386 (0) 599 40544

Business hours

Friday: 12-9pm
Saturday: 12-9pm
Sunday: 12-5pm
Monday - Thursday: closed
We will gladly arrange meals for you even outside business hours.