Lake Gajševsko jezero

Lake Gajševsko jezero is the largest and richest fishing area, offering refuge to numerous animal and plant species. Visitors can relax and spend an active vacation here.

Gajševsko jezero is the result of a dam on Ščavnica River. In some places it has already merged with the environment, harboring numerous animal species. The lake covers almost 80 hectares and is populated by the common carp, grass carp, common bream, zander, pike, and catfish. The dam offers less greenery but harbors many fishing spots.  The lake and its surroundings are home to numerous bird species.  Ten hectares of the lake are a fish reserve the borders of which are clearly marked. Besides fishermen the lake draws many hikers and in winter the lake freezes over and welcomes skaters. The lake is the largest and richest fishing area and a popular destination for fishermen and surfers.

The lake is one of the best spots for surfing - sometimes called Lake Paradise.

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