Ride Goričko – Outdoor adventure

An experience you just can’t miss while visiting the Prekmurje region. Get to know this mysterious region accompanied by friendly local cycling guides and create memories you will cherish forever. Do you want to do something for yourself and have fun at the same time? Step on bicycle pedals with us.

Get to know Prekmurje in the best possible way – on a bicycle. Join our guided cycling tours, during which you will completely relax and simply enjoy pedaling. Our guides will take care of the rest. They prepare a unique experience, take you along hidden paths that you won’t be able to find on a map and offer you technical support. At the same time, they are your genuine local navigation for all the local sights. Guided cycling tours are also perfect for developing new friendships. 

Prekmurje - paradise for cyclists and a place where time simply stops.

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