Lendava Hills

On the edge of the Mura plains, near the border with Hungary, a traveller will be pleasantly surprised by the most eastern Slovenian hills rising above the town of Lendava and shining in greenery and sunshine.

The tradition of wine culture, colours of the vineyards and an authentic experience, as well as an opportunity for recreation, are the reasons to visit the Tourist Wine Road. The visitors can stop at one of the wineries or excursion farms where domestic growers often offer Riesling and Chardonnay. The wine tour offers a genuine experience of the nature itself, which in our country does not skimp on beauty. Hills and paths on the way to them are suitable for an active vacation. In the autumn, the visitor can experience the most authentic flavours and harvesting, pressing and further processing of grapes.

The view from the watchtower provides for quite a unique experience of Pomurje.

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