Pep's wine

Brother and sister decided to follow our dreams and created our own wine story. In Pep's wine we put together our love for wine, history and Prlekija region. Visit us on Svetinje. We offer you premium wine tastings, local products and our beautiful Prlekija nature.

We could say that our beginnings date back to 1929, when our grandfather Pepek was born and when our facility in Svetinje was built, which is now the company’s headquarters. Grandpa Pepek married and settled down in the valley under Svetinje in 1954. He planted a vineyard and began producing his excellent wine from Prlekija. Our grandmother was a retailer and a manager at a store in Svetinje. Later on, our mother followed grandma’s footsteps and worked in the same store for many years. Our father fell in love with the vineyard as well and improved the conditions for our viticulture and winemaking. The business premises of the newly founded Pep’s Wine thus continue the family tradition and are beginning to write a new story in Svetinje.

The vision of the company Pep’s Wine is to offer Prlekija as a whole. Our wines certainly speak for themselves and showcase our region in the best possible light, but we want to present Prlekija as a tourist attraction as well. We wish to offer this fairly undiscovered gem of intact nature to the people who want something more than mass tourism, something new and wonderful. In our online shop, we want to unite the products of the winemakers of Prlekija and thus offer it to the wider world.

Contact information

Svetinje 11

SI - 2259 Ivanjkovci

 +386 (0) 41 846 116



Business hours

Friday: 4pm – 8pm

Saturday:  12am – 8pm

Sunday: 2pm – 6pm

Outside this working hours please call +386 41 846 116