Beekeeping and tourist farm Šalamun Jožef

Apiary products nurture and improve our health and vitality and that is why we welcome you at the Apiculture tourist farm Šalamun in Banovci.

Our 30 years of tradition in beekeeping has been upgraded in 2008 with seven modern rooms and three apartments with cable TV and Internet access. The Tourist farm Šalamun (Turistična kmetija Šalamun) is providing you with a new way of life by apiprophylaxis.

Here you can delve into the know-how of beekeeping by taking a tour of the beekeeper's bus or watching a film about beekeeping.

You can also taste some of the delicious honey products.

Contact information

Banovci 5a
SI - 9241 Veržej

Contact person:
Damjan Šalamun

+386 (0)2 588 13 13
+386 (0)51 606 963

Business hours

  • 08:00-06:00 p.m.