Winery Kelenc

We make wines that are part of our tradition and are made with knowledge, that has been passed down for generations and the use of the most modern winemaking techniques. The result of this is a varied selection of wines, that are sure to impress even the most particular winelover.

Winery Kelenc in Lendavske Gorice offers a wide variety of wines, so everyone is sure to find their favourite. Even though all our wines are a chapter for itself I would decsribe our wines as a product of a unique land, gift from the sun, love for wine and the labour of the winemaker, who offers all that to you in a bottle.

The winery is equiped with the latest technology and has the capacety of 150.000L. You can visit us at an time with prior notice. We also offer you wine tastings.

Contact information

Lendavske gorice 29b

(SI) 9220 Lendava

+386 (0) 31 564 022


Business hours

  • per arrangement