The House of Wine Cuk

The House of Wine Cuk is run by family business and it is situated near the highest point of Lendava hills which is 327 meters above the sea level. This is where you get the precious view to neighbouring Croatia, Hungary and Austria.

The family is in charge of 27.000 grapevines on 2.5 hectares. The house has a unique interior as well as the roof which is covered by a cane. You will recognize the »postal butterfly« as a family's brand and their wine offer: Hadikova kri, Piroškine solze, Biser piramide, Piramida 327, Bánffy's.

Contact information

Hiša vina Cuk

Lendavske Gorice ulica 217

9220 Lendava

 +386 (0)31 467 990


Business hours

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
01.04.-31.10., 13.00h-21.00h
(other days by prior arrangement)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
01.11.-31.03., 13.00h-19.00h
(other days by prior arrangement)