Experience the Kingdom of Mineral Springs

Discover the beauty of nature and the history of the Radenci mineral bubbles, also with the help of modern technology.

The first mineral water sprang from the Radenci Healing Spring, which is located at the Radenci Spring Pavilion. Its logo includes the distinctive three red hearts.

You might have already noticed them on the label of the Radenska mineral water bottle. However, did you know that their story originated in Radenci? Here, on the edge of the Pannonian Plain, in the direct vicinity of the Austrian border and surrounded by the winegrowing hills, lie the richest mineral springs. The first bottle of the Radenci mineral water was filled in 1869, when the first natural mineral water from a depth of 17 meters sprang through an oak pipe. As the spring has a beneficial effect on the heart and body, it was named the Healing Spring. You can still find it in the middle of the park in front of the Slatina House, in the Spring Pavilion, where it is surrounded by flowers. Let yourself be transported into the fairytale world of the three red hearts and get a dose of well-being with the Radenska mineral water straight from the Healing Spring in the Radenci Spa Lounge.

Experience the past through the tools of the future when visiting Radenci, a village with many delights for children and adults alike.

  • Guided tour duration: 5 hours
  • Price: EUR 56 for couples, EUR 80 for families
  • Minimum number of persons: 10
  • Maximum number of persons: 40

You can also discover the history and surrounding nature by taking a five-hour cycle tour. The price is EUR 56 per person for the guided tour and includes the organization of the program, playing mini golf, a picnic basket as well as a drink and a dessert made with mineral water.

Please book the tour in advance.


Minimum number of persons: 10
Maximum number of persons: 40

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