The Lendava Castle

Lendava Castle is located above the old part of the town, on a steep hill which rises between the picturesque wine-growing hills. In its present form, it is a successor of the medieval castle that stood on this spot.

The original structure was built in the 12th century, of which testify the frescoes in the castle chapel. Over the years, the castle has repeatedly changed its image, especially during the reign of the Bánffy family. The castle underwent the last major changes in the 19th century, when it was thoroughly renovated. Today, the Gallery-Museum Lendava is situated there; the collection features the art heritage of Lendava artists and art collections that arose in the context of traditional international art colonies. In the last few years, the Lendava Castle has been the venue of high-profile exhibitions of the titans of world art.

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Gallery-Museum Lendava
Banffyjev trg 1
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Slovenia (EU)

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