Moravske Toplice

Tourist Farm Lovrenčec

Wonderful evenings at the crackling fireside take you back to times of old and the magical sunsets and evening sounds by the water make the day an unforgettable experience.

Imagine waking up in the soft bed of a bedroom smelling of wood, you go out to the balcony and listen to the morning concerto of birds, the rustling of trees, you observe the sun rays spreading in the morning, penetrating through the treetops - this is the way you start a day which feels like a holiday, because you are surrounded by forest, clean air, and authentic nature, wild ducks on the fish pond, and playful squirrels in the hazel shrubs.

All this lies in wait in Podlipje, where you can rent a wonderful cabin and indulge in game meat dishes, game goulash, Prekmurian bogracs-goulash, and a wide variety of dry game meat products.

After an exhausting day a quick trip to the sauna and jacuzzi might be perfect. Indulgement in Pomurje!

Contact information

Tešanovci 140
SI - 9226 Moravske Toplice

Contact person:
Stanko Lovrenčec

+386 (0)41 648 425
+386 (0)41 825 148

Business hours

  • per prior arrangement