Murska Sobota

Expano Food&Drink

Enjoy the best that Pomurje has to offer at Expano Food & Drink. Taste local and natural ingredients, as well as traditional dishes and special culinary arts. In the glasses shines the most noble flower of the vine, which matures for millennia in the wine-growing regions.

The beauty of Pomurje, where vineyards are connected with the plain and modernity with tradition, has inspired us to create our offer. Dialect, music, dance, tradicions and culinary here are something special and unique. Our approach is based on the concept of food, which is defined by three interrelated principles: "GOOD" food must be high quality, delicious and healthy; "CLEAN" ingredients must be produced on the way that has no harm on the environment; "FAIR", prices must be available to the consumer while ensuring a fair payment to suppliers. By visiting our restaurant, we want you to get to know our local suppliers who, with diligence, creativity, love of their homeland and respect for their ancestors, write unique stories and offer quality products. In addition to traditional dishes, we will also develop new dishes according to the latest trends and create culinary tales inspired by local ingredients, tradition and excellence. The first thing that guest experiences in Pomurje is the hospitality and the goodness of Pomurje.


Soboško jezero

SI - 9000 Murska Sobota

+386 (0) 40 369 003


  • tue. - sun.: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM